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Mountains Fencing Club Inc.

Richard Emmerick Shield 2023 - round 3

Sat, 2 Dec 2023
09:30 - 18:00

Round 1 of the Richard Emmerick Shield 2023!

Come for a day of fun and friendly Club competition! Schedule of events (all times approximate) is arranged so you can compete in multiple weapons and age divisions.

This comp is for MFC members (your membership must be current), with the Open events also open to fencers from other clubs and independent fencers!

Free entry for all!

Age policy
All competitors must be aged at least 10 years at midnight on 31 Dec 2022
For U14 events, competitors must be aged under 14 years at midnight on 31 Dec 2022
For Open events, competitors must be aged at least 13 years at midnight on 31 Dec 2022

Gendered categories
In this comp each age group has two gendered categories:
U14 events – women and men (any entrant may enter either category, no questions asked)
Open events – women and all genders


  • Please register by selecting a ticket for EACH event you want to compete in.
  • Registration closes 11.59pm on Thursday 30 November 2023.
  • No late entries are possible after registration closes. If you turn up on the day without having registered you won't be able to fence, but we'll be grateful for your help refereeing and generally helping to run the day.

Fundraising tickets ($5, $10, $20) are also available – buy as many as you like! Each fundraising ticket comes with a complimentary club patch and all money raised will go towards covering the expenses associated with holding the competition (hall booking, medals etc), and to buying equipment.

Helping out
Setup is from 9.00am and anyone is welcome to come and lend a hand so we can commence the comp on time at 9.30am.

All training and events at the Club are run as per the Club's COVIDSafe training plan. Please review this to ensure you comply with the requirements.


For fencers from other clubs and independent fencers, please abide by MFC's membership agreement:

In consideration of the acceptance of my and/or my child/ward’s membership or participation in activities with Mountains Fencing Club Inc. (the Club):

  • I understand that although the Club makes its best efforts to minimise any risk of personal injury, accidents do happen and all physical activities carry the risk of personal injury. I acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of personal injury in physical activities that will be undertaken with the Club and I accept that risk.
  • In the event of injury or illness during participation, where I am unable to give consent for medical treatment, I consent for myself and/or my child/ward to receive medical treatment which may be deemed necessary and to pay/reimburse costs which may be incurred in the process.
  • I agree that I and/or my child/ward will comply with all the policies, rules, regulations, codes of conduct, conditions of membership and the constitution of the Club.
  • I acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and equipment during all the events and activities.
  • I understand that the Club may take photographs of participants in events and/or activities, for use in promoting the Club and that, wherever practical, the Club will obtain my permission for this at the time. If I do not consent for myself and/or my child/ward to be photographed I undertake to advise the photographer/s at the time and to assist them by staying out of the shots wherever practical. Should I refuse consent for any and all photography of me and/or my child/ward, I understand that the Club will make its best efforts to ensure that no photographs of me and/or my child/ward are used by the Club.


Thanks to support from our State MP Trish Doyle with an Office of Sport Local Grant in 2021, we’ve been able to run this comp using the state of the art scoring equipment which the grant provided. 

Thanks to support from Katoomba and Upper Blue Mountains Community Bendigo Bank Branch, we’ve been able to buy a laptop to run the comp using the software Fencing Time.


9:30 am
Open all foil
9:30 am
U14 men's epee
10:00 am
U14 women's sabre
11:00 am
U14 women's foil
11:00 am
U14 men's sabre
12:00 pm
Open womens' epee
12:00 pm
U14 women's epee
12:00 pm
Open all sabre
12:30 pm
U14 men's foil
3:00 pm
Open all epee
3:30 pm
Open women's foil
3:30 pm
Open women's sabre
Ticket Type Price
U14 men's epee $0.00 Sale Ended
Open all foil $0.00 Sale Ended
U14 women's sabre $0.00 Sale Ended
U14 men's sabre $0.00 Sale Ended
U14 women's foil $0.00 Sale Ended
U14 women's epee $0.00 Sale Ended
Open womens' epee $0.00 Sale Ended
Open all sabre $0.00 Sale Ended
U14 men's foil $0.00 Sale Ended
Open all epee $0.00 Sale Ended
Open women's foil $0.00 Sale Ended
Open women's sabre $0.00 Sale Ended
Fundraising ticket – $5 $5.00
Fundraising ticket – $10 $10.00
Fundraising ticket – $20 $20.00
Total: $
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