Code of conduct

MFC is a safe and welcoming space that seeks to include members from all areas of our community. All people, regardless of their abilities, culture, gender or sexuality are welcome at the Club. The Club is committed to providing an environment in which people are treated fairly and equitably and which is free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

This Code of Conduct has been created to support the safe and inclusive culture of the Club and everyone involved in the activities of the Club must abide by it. Any member breaching the Code may have their membership permanently terminated.


Club members will:

  • contribute to creating a safe and friendly club environment
  • place the safety and welfare of participants above all else
  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the Club, regardless of their gender, sexuality, ability or cultural background
  • not engage in any form of discrimination, harrassment or bullying
  • participate in Club activities with fair play and team spirit
  • treat Club property, including all gear and equipment, with care and respect
  • comply with all directions given by the Club coaching team on fencing matters (including safe participation) during Club activities.

Coaching team

The Club coaching team has a special role not only in conducting good quality training, but in ensuring that Club culture is sustained.

In addition to their responsibilities as members, members of the Club coaching team will:

  • maintain their qualifications
  • if 18 years or older, maintain a current WWCC
  • have a PBTR – Child Protection Certificate from the Australian Sports Commission or equivalent child protection training and undertake re-training in this every two years
  • undertake professional development as required by the Club
  • maintain a safe and inclusive training environment
  • work within their level of expertise and experience
  • make reasonable adjustments to training to support participation in fencing
  • provide opportunities, supervision, mentoring and ongoing support for the training and development of the Club’s senior fencers who want to assist in coaching activities, as well as for other members of the Club’s coaching team
  • make their best efforts to ensure that members abide by the Code of Conduct
  • report to the Club committee any breaches of the Code
  • be role models for Club values and culture.